Knights Templar Fresco
Knight fresco
From 1st floor towards Templier room
Knight's Templar Blason
Off main staircase
Fresco off stairwell
Fresco off staircase
DSCN0847 [1024x768]
Staircase looking to library
Fresco 3

These incredible 13th Century fresco’s were discovered in our house in recent times. It is believed a previous owner of the house was frightened by the Knights Templar and had the ancient fresco’s plastered over. During our first weeks stay in our house, we have since discovered two more fresco’s which have been plastered and painted over. The process now of finding the right person to restore these magnificent paintings is on….The largest fresco – measuring nearly two metres in height (in the main staircase), is of the famous imagery of a Knight on a Horse. The grey above the Knight and horses body is in fact plaster. Once restored, the entire painting will be visible. The process of fresco painting was with pure pigments on wet lime plaster. As the plaster cures, a layer of crystal forms over the pigment, locking it into the surface. This is what gives fresco its beautiful matte finish and permanence. The ‘blazon’ or crest of arms depicting the lion is in the process of thorough research, as its believed to date back to the Knights of the First Crusade.

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