another hole
DSCN0854 [1024x768]
Ancient water trough cave
Second spiral stair
Sealed doorway
Cave main 1
Unicorn Fresco

We had barely scratched the surface before we discover another abandoned staircase. It would appear the damage has been done in the past 15 years, sad considering it has withstood 800 years. It’s going to take time, however we will clean it out and restore the old stones to the spiral stairs. There are two spiral staircases at different ends of the cave (basement) and would appear that both are leading into tunnels (yet to be ventured into)! The old well was covered in rocks and rubbish. The front façade of the well dates back to the 1700’s, the well itself dates back to the 13th Century. Fully functioning and as you can see full of water….20 meters down! Possibly the greatest treasure in the main cave is the ‘unicorn’ a 13th Century symbol of the Knights Templar. We are told the main cave would have been covered in such frescos. Our daughter Lucy has uncovered what looks to be another fresco on the remaining plaster on the walls, adjacent to this unicorn. When I first looked at the house back in June, the wonderful Agent – Isabelle and I discovered flag stones in the shape of a key. We quickly found a metal bar and a head of an old shovel and began clearing the space. It only took a few minutes before we realised another hidden room and tunnel lie beneath. We now know the vaulted room we have subsequently been into has a sealed door that leads towards this area! We will have to wait until we have the right equipment before we can proceed any further!

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