We were so excited to begin searching our house, especially the large cave area. We had been told there were two immence passageways leading in different directions, one leading underneath the church and the second towards the old Chateau. We had only seen through a hole in the floor of one of the upper rooms in the main cave what looked like a room, but were yet to venture into it and see exactly what was inside. Brendan went first and as you can see, a wonderful 800 year old – virtually fully intact vaulted room. In the left hand corner was a large solid stone vat that would have been used for wine. On two sides there are two small stone doorways that have been blocked off over the years. The reminants of an old spiral staircase are in another corner, along with a large air shaft.  At the moment as there is so much broken rubble and rubbish, so it is difficult to see exactly what lays beneath, however the last few stone steps are still visable. The ceiling is in excellent condition, as are the walls. Layers and layers of dirt and dust lies on the floor making it difficult to determine what the condition of the stones are. The exciting thing to see are the small door openings that have been covered up…..what will be behind them!

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